1.I constantly worry that my partner will stop loving me.
2.I find it easy and naturall to be affectionate with my partner.
3.I fear that once someone gets to know the real me, s/he won’t like me anymore.
4.If someone I’ve been dating begins to act cold and distant, I’ll probably be indifferent; I might even be relieved.
5.When I’m not involved in a relationship, I feel somewhat anxious and incomplete.
6.I find it difficult to emotionally support my partner when s/he is feeling down. I cannot bear to see her/him down.
7.When my partner is away, I’m afraid that s/he might become interested in someone else.
8.I feel comfortable depending on my partner.
9.If I notice that my partner is checking out other people, I feel relieved—it means s/he’s not looking to make things exclusive.
10.I prefer to keep my innermost feelings to myself to sharing with my partner.
11.When I show my partner how I feel, I’m afraid s/he will not feel the same about me.
12.I am generally satisfied with my romantic relationships.
13.I don’t feel the need to act out much or seek much attention in my romantic relationships.
14.I think about my relationships a lot. I can be obssessed with my partner/relationship sometimes.
15.I find it difficult to depend on my partner.
16.I tend to get quickly attached to a romantic partner.
17.If I notice that my partner is checking out other people, I might feel a pang of jealousy, but it’s fleeting.
18.I sometimes feel angry or annoyed with my partner without knowing why.
19.I am very sensitive to my partner’s moods.
20.I believe most people are essentially honest and dependable.
21.I prefer casual sex with uncommitted partners to intimate sex with one person.
22.If someone I’ve been dating begins to act cold and distant, I may wonder what’s happened, but I’ll know it’s probably not about me.
23.I worry that if my partner leaves me I might never find someone else.
24.It makes me nervous when my partner gets too close, demanding or clingy.
25.During a conflict, I tend to impulsively do or say things I later regret, rather than be able to reason about things.
26.I will not question our entire relationship just because of one argument with my partner.
27.My partners often want me to be more intimate than I feel comfortable being.
28.I often worry that I’m not attractive enough to my partner.
29.If someone I’ve been dating for several months tells me s/he wants to stop seeing me, I’d feel hurt at first, but I’d get over it.
30.I miss my partner when we’re apart, but then when we’re together I feel the need to escape.
31.I feel comfortable expressing my opinions and disagreeing with other people.
32.I am not comfortable to have others depend on me.
33.I have no problem expressing my needs and wants to my partner.
34.My independence is more important to me than my relationship.
35.If I notice that my partner is checking out other people, I feel depressed and/or threatened.
36.I’m comfortable sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with my partner.
37.I find that I bounce back quickly after a breakup. It’s weird how I can just put someone out of my mind and move on so quickly.
38.If someone I’ve been dating begins to act cold and distant, I’ll worry that I’ve done something wrong.
39.If my partner was to break up with me, I’d try my best to show her/him what s/he is missing (a little jealousy can’t hurt).
40.I create little drama in relationships.
41.Sometimes when I get what I want in a relationship, I’m not sure what I want anymore.
42.I won’t have much of a problem staying in touch with my ex (strictly platonic)—after all, we have a lot in common.