What do we do?

Existential therapy

a profoundly philosophical approach characterized in practice by an emphasis on relatedness, spontaneity, flexibility, and freedom from rigid doctrine or dogma.


a tool for correcting our self-ignorance, unveiling unconsciousness, and understanding oneself in the most profound ways

a place where secrets are unpacked, pains are reexperienced, and incomprehensible impulses and urges are interpreted not with moralistic judgment, but with kindness, understanding, and compassion

a room that invites your inner child who is confused, hurt, angry, and longing for love and validation to play

a space where a dialogue is facilitated between yourself and your inner voice which could often be punitive, humiliating and excessively judgmental, and critical

What are our areas of focus?

          Divorce and single parental struggles

          Overcoming childhood traumas

          Existential crisis



Where are you?

In the dense and deep forest, do you have a compass to direct your way out?

In the vast and boundless ocean, do you spot the light house to guide you back to the harbor?

In the narrow and suffocating tunnel, do you have a torch to brighten the path forward?

In the desolate and lonesome desert, do you have the wisdom to read the shape of sand dunes to navigate?

In the endless darkness, do you see your North Star?

Where shall we begin?

45-minute online intake consultation (free of charge)

In-person therapy (SGD 180 per hour) @ Paya Lebar Square 

Online therapy (SGD 150 per hour)

Cancellation policy 

        • Online therapy – No cancellation charge 
        • In-person therapy – Cancellation charge of SGD 50 is applicable for cancellation made more than 24 hours prior to the session; Cancellation charge of SGD 100 is applicable for cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the session. 

Let’s connect.


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