Where is your north star ?

I specialise in

Healing one's childhood trauma

Parenting and breaking free from transgenerational trauma

Addressing existential queries

Body-based modalities (EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing)

About me

Shifan offers therapy:

  • For individuals and couples
  • In-person and Online
  • In English and Mandarin


Tricia Kwa
I am glad to chance upon Shifan via a friend. I was skeptical at first on how she can help me in self-discovery other than myself or immediate family members. Took a leap of faith to try since she allowed online mode. The first e-meeting was brief which she had pre-empted me. But it was comforting to have someone listen to me sharing about myself and she was at all ears and probed when necessary. The subsequent sessions were very helpful to allow me to internalise my thoughts & behaviour. We had uncovered a no. of ‘secrets’ that I was totally unaware of myself. In my opinion from the sessions with Shifan, I seek help becaue I was serious in making breakthroughs & changes in my life. I understood no one can help me unless I want to make the change myself. Accompanied with Shifan’s professionalism & patience, each session just got better which in turn aid me to see things more positively. I am thankful I spend my monies wisely on sessions with Shifan than on alcohols or late nite clubs thinking these fun time will get my worries away.
Teng XU
Shifan has done a fantastic job in helping me going through a long overdue self discovery and acceptance journey. With her patience, insightful but non-judgmental feedback, professional yet not-by-the-book & personalized process, I uncovered so much about myself that I used to either overlook or took for granted. I also identified so many unnamed triggers for random things that has annoyed me at all different levels in my life, which have now mostly been resolved or mitigated with mindful awareness and constructive self conversations. I believe all of these would otherwise have been very difficult, if still possible, to achieve by myself or with any therapist of less proficiency & empathy.
Wu Celine
从小在一个被父母说成是充满爱,实则所谓的美好完全是父母的想象,实际问题多到数不胜数的这样一个原生家庭长大。自自己发现问题以来也已经有十年之久,饱受困扰,自己努力走出来的同时也试过几个心理咨询师的帮助。 在我自身的体验里,Shifan是对我帮助最大的一位咨询师,她富含同理心,容易共情他人,有耐心,不评判。她很专业,也对工作充满热情,不断进修自己以更好地帮助自己帮助他人。我跟随她已有半年多的时间,从原生家庭里修复自我的课题切入,也影响到当下的方方面面。在她的帮助下,我更冷静地看待过去,也更热情地拥抱现在,更顺利地融入新手妈妈的角色,也渴望发掘自己的更多潜能。我会继续下去,自我修复和育儿之路漫漫,要加油哦。 I was raised in a so-called “loving” family, in fact it’s not loving at all but full of trauma. It’s been a decade since I, myself, noticed the issue and I’ve been suffering a lot since then. I tried to pull myself together and meanwhile tried to reach a couple of therapists for help. In my own experience, the most helpful therapist for me should be Shifan. She’s full of empathy, patient and no judge. She’s professional and so passionate about her job. She keeps engaging in advanced studies so that she can provide better help for both herself and her clients. I’ve been having sessions with her for more than half a year. We’ve been working on the child-hood trauma and self recovery from that, and meanwhile it affects a lot in the present. With her help, I see my past more calmly,I embrace the present more passionately,and I fit in my new role –a new mommy, more smoothly,and I’m eager to discover more of my potential. I will keep on this long journey of self recovery and parenting. Let’s do it!
I stumbled across Shifan when I was going through a significant life transition. I am deeply grateful for her as she made every session a safe, non-judgemental and thought evoking experience. Being a working mom with a mixed culture background made her a well versed, professional and emphatic therapist. Thank you for being part of my journey!
Alvin Tan
She can understand and provide correct recommendations for each problem and issue. She also helps to find the inner understanding of ourselves.
Monica Cheng
Shifan is amazing and professional counsoller, she really help me to go through life difficulty and help me to analysis how to handle my toxic relationship and family issue. I love to work with her.
Shannon Lee
My sessions with Shifan have been very helpful thus far, and her patience and gentleness allow me to feel comfortable each session. Her sessions have helped me gain greater insight into my own psyche, which I am very grateful for. I would highly recommend The North Star Therapy to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, regardless of whether they are going through any acute issue currently.
Winda Lecaros
I had few session with Shifan and I find it useful for self discoveries. I can feel with each session, I am learning more and understand myself better. I find each session, Shifan will try her best to make it a comfortable session as it is not easy to open up yourself especially toward painful memory and I am grateful for her help. For anyone who wanna try to do therapy, I recommend her
Soo Wen Low
I felt connected with Shifan almost instantly and decided to continue sessions with her. She is a down-to-earth and genuine professional and is patient in providing a safe space for me. Would recommend Shifan 🙂
Nicholas Tee
Shifan is a wonderful, thoughtful therapist who has helped me move though challenges in my relationships and in how I experience the world. She makes me feel understood and attuned to, has provided me with tools to navigate my emotions and interpersonal relationships, and given me the space to reflect, integrate and heal.