Talk Therapy

In individual work, Shifan accompanies you on a journey of self-discovery and healing: unveiling unconsciousness and raising self-awareness with gentle queries; interpreting incomprehensible impulses and urges with kindness, understanding, and compassion; and re-creating a space where your once wounded inner child can finally be seen and heard.

In couple work, Shifan helps each partner hear the hidden message under their superficial arguments. “Why aren’t you waiting for me to start dinner?” is probably a mask over “I am scared that I am not important enough for you.”; A silent sulk is probably a desperate cry for intimacy; An intellectual debate is probably fear of one’s emotions and vulnerabilities. In therapy, Shifan creates a safe space where couples can unveil their true messages to each other. Shifan also helps couples explore their communication patterns and find ways to break free from these unhealthy patterns. Shifan believes a relationship is organic and therefore needs constant care and nurturing.