Intentional living – cultivate meaning and purpose in your work and life

  • Understand what intentional living is.
  • Recognize the importance of intentional living.
  • Learn practical strategies to cultivate intentionality in our lives.
  • Reflective exercises to
    • Define your values
    • Examine life choices
    • Decipher your emotional triggers

Understand, address and prevent burnout

  • Self-check tool: am I experiencing burnout?
  • What is burnout?
  • What cause burnout?
  • How to cope with burnout?
  • How to prevent burnout?

Overcoming and becoming – a guide to resilience building

  • Understand what resilience is.
  • Recognize the importance of resilience.
  • Learn how to build resilience from physiological, psychological, and emotional lenses.

The art of saying no – a guide to boundary setting

  • Reflect on your boundary-setting skills
  • Understand what a boundary is.
  • Define your boundaries.

Parenting workshops

  • Four non-negotiable needs of children
  • Is your child securely attached? What about you?
  • How to create meaningful connections with your children?

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